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Professional development

Interacting with donors and alumni can offer our members many opportunities for professional development. Members can hone in on networking and public speaking skills by hosting events for alumni and stewarding our unique donors to the university. Additionally, members have the opportunity to attend CASE ASAP, a conference that showcases the hard work of Student Foundation. Attending this conference allows members to gain insight and develop the organization further by sharing ideas with students from similar organizations. Members also have the opportunity to present on different topics at CASE ASAP. If a member is not able to attend the conference, they can assist by crafting applications or in the preparation of the presentation. 

Noah Trapp


Noah Trapp, and other Student Foundation members present to alumni at the Board of Trustees meeting. 


Student Foundation members and adviser, Jenna Brown, attending the CASE ASAP conference. 


Students also get the chance to interact with Student Foundation members from across the nation. Pictured above, KSU Student Foundation President Maggie Meyer alongside the OSU Stufo President. 


President Maggie Meyer and K-State Proud Co-Chair Maddy McClellan present over K-State Proud at the CASE ASAP Conference. 

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